Mothers and Daughters

Although most of my blog posts are about social injustices that I hear about in Circles, this one is about a conversation I was listening to at the Senior Center. It was our… Continue reading

More of a Contrast than a Comparison

It’s been great working with some of the community partners in Gettysburg this summer. I have had the chance to get to know individuals and organizations that would otherwise be unknown to me.… Continue reading

Reign of Terror Over

This week saw the end of Meals and More Summer Camp. I was actually rather upset to see the kids I worked with all July for the last time. There was something that… Continue reading

The Circle of Life

I never realized how cool our little circuit of community organizations was until someone pointed it out to me. Quite a few of those I work with at the garden seemed confused about… Continue reading

Nicaragua’s Natural Beauty

The landscape of Nicaragua offers things that aren’t possible anywhere else in the world. Last week I went “volcano-boarding” down the Cerro Negro, the only place where such a thing is allowed. Despite… Continue reading


With age, we must grow. As people, as a community, and as inhabitants of this earth.  I’ve noticed before that volunteers at various organizations tend to fall into two relative age groups: college… Continue reading

Final Thoughts from Summer School

Migrant Education Summer School is now over and though I only went for a few days a week I found it to be a constantly changing, occasionally frustrating, but overall worthwhile experience. The… Continue reading

There’s a book in my birdhouse

Meals and More Summer Camp is in full swing, my 4th and final building project for the PTF is drawing to completion, and we did a High Ropes course. I have always enjoyed… Continue reading

Home and Family Life

I have spent by far the most amount of time during my stay in León at home with my host family. In her own words, host mother describes her house as “humble,” but… Continue reading

7 and 70

There are two groups of people who are frequently ignored by society, one group is because they are so little and are just beginning to learn about the world, and the other is… Continue reading