Monthly Archive: June, 2016

Getting to know you

Four weeks in and I feel like I was finally able to get a taste of the many facets of the Youth Department this past week. I attended a dialogue session called Orange… Continue reading

Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba

Interesting week here at The Burg. Project preparation is in full swing and other projects are in progress. Just this last week I have begun my building projects for the PTF. On Friday… Continue reading

Observations from the Sidelines

This past week I was with the Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 Soccer Camp – a five-day camp with about 60 kids from the surrounding area entering 5th through 12th grade. These kids come… Continue reading

Technically half way there

Wow wow wow. Week 4 is already here, the internship is half over. This time has been literally flying by so quickly. Half way done, but it’s only the beginning. This week I… Continue reading

“Trump”-ing around Gettysburg

This past Saturday I had an interesting experience here in Gettysburg. I decided to explore the town with a friend and we walked down into the part of town full of the touristy… Continue reading

When you’re both the teacher and the student

This week I have been simultaneously learning how to teach and teaching. Each morning I wake up and walk to my Nepali classes where I learn phrases that I use with the children… Continue reading

Crossing Paths

It is only week 3, but it feels like a lifetime. Not in a bad way – not at all. It just doesn’t feel like only three weeks have passed by – somehow,… Continue reading

More than just small talk

The highlight of this past week was the debriefing session we had on Friday while eat lunch at Sherfy Farm. I wasn’t too pleased when we first arrived. The thought of eating my… Continue reading

A Different World

Last night I was sitting on the couch at my home stay, watching my host brother tame his math homework as I thought about my day. When my host dad got home it… Continue reading

A Walk in Their Shoes

This week I was able to look at poverty through the eyes of someone who lives it every day. This week I sat in on a Circles meeting. Circles is essentially a support… Continue reading