Prep Week

This week was prep week. Things are really starting to get rolling. We have our schedules for the remainder of our internship at CAM, found out which community partners we are working with, and created our workshops. Emiline and I have been working through the process of creating, tweaking, and finalizing our 6-8 workshop plans with the advice of our mentors at CAM.

We have stayed after hours to take our time to flush out our ideas and prep. It has been a great experience of flushing through ideas with everyone, and helping each other out. By working side-by-side with someone, we have been able to motivate each other, and lend each other a hand. For instance, the picture attached is of me assisting Emiline with her workshop prep. I was helping to prime her dioramas, while I was thinking about ways to change up my workshop. My workshops will be taking place with the community partners of the KVKS School and Maiti Nepal.

Overall the majority of the week was spent working on our workshops. However, today we had our very first Nepali class and it seems like it will be going well. Learned to introduce ourselves. Mero naam May ho. That means my name is May. That’s something I could use tomorrow at our very first workshop, when I introduce myself to the class. So I think these classes will be super helpful

Week three has signified a change in the pace of the program. From this point forward, CAM is busy, we are busy, and the next several weeks are going to be a real learning experience. Hopefully tomorrow goes well, and so do the workshops that follow. There will be things to do almost every day, so will keep you updated in the coming blogs.

May Chou ’18
Kathmandu, Nepal