Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

Another pretty interesting and engaging week here in The Burg. Before I start I just want to let you all know that I will be taking a different approach to my blog writing. You’ll see. Any who…

So I found out that for this summer I am going to be the proud father of ~40 different children. Anything involving children, it is me who comes running. So far I have had an absolute blast connecting with the children of families who suffer from social injustices. While my main project begins in July, I have utilized this week to get to know the kids and begin building my program. I hope to engage them [children] with healthy eating habits, physical education and just general healthy lifestyle information.

I believe that it is of our utmost importance to educate young children. If young kids don’t have the information to understand that certain life choices can have negative consequences then they could grow up being influenced by the wrong choices and live a life where those consequences just sets them further back into society. Some children do not always have the best access to a great education and their households may not always be the best learning environments. This is why I am very excited to be involved with working with children. Maybe I could engage with them; and if they can take something away from me and apply it to their everyday lives; my goal has been achieved. This is a very worthwhile and fulfilling experience for me and I am excited to see where my summer journey will lead me.

Now why the title? C’mon… Just look at that goat.

Cameron Stewart ’18