Crazy Week

Last week was most definitely eventful for all of us. There was a random riot that broke out on Tuesday evening, preventing us from going to work on Wednesday. I could hear the gunshots as I tried to drift off to sleep on Tuesday night. Recently, the police have been using violent forces against protesters. Thankfully, yesterday there was no protest for the typical “tear gas monday” as everyone calls it. It appears that hopefully things will be a bit more calm.

On Saturday, we decided to try out this restaurant we’d been wanting to go to, but through miscommunication ended up being dropped off at some random restaurant by the tuk tuk driver. This was probably the worst part of the week because once in the restaurant I began to feel extremely nauseated. I projectile vomited all over the restaurant floor (there was no bathroom). Our waiter pointed at me and asked “malaria?” Thankfully not. Later that night, my host family took me to the hospital and I was given some painkillers and anti nausea meds for my stomach. It was an extremely strange weekend.

Work has been filled with lesson plans and making exams for the students. Last week, we were teaching about modernization of the family and modernization in general. One of our students mentioned modernization of medicine and how Michael Jackson bleached himself due to his skin condition. She then pointed to me and asked me if I could bleach myself black. That had me laughing as I explained that that’s not how bleach works. I love my students because even though they’re around my age or a bit younger than me, they always keep me on my toes.

Hopefully, this week will be less eventful than last week.

Aubrey Gedeon ’17
Kisumu, Kenya