More than just small talk

The highlight of this past week was the debriefing session we had on Friday while eat lunch at Sherfy Farm. I wasn’t too pleased when we first arrived. The thought of eating my lunch on the grass where ticks are constantly lurking did not seem appealing in the slightest. Not to mention I had been up since six that morning and was running off of four hours of sleep. Needless to say, I was not in a very chipper mood upon arriving at Sherfy. Fortunately, the discussion and the company made up for my sleepiness and by the end of our time I had woken up quite a bit. 

We began by discussing how our weeks went and as usual there were some highlights and some not so great moments. When it came to be my turn, I mentioned that my favorite moment of the week happened to occur at circles. I was helping watch the kids and for some reason they were extremely rowdy this time around. But in the midst of the laughing, yelling, crying and so on I noticed that one of the little boys had fallen on the grass. He was maybe three or so and just as I was getting up to go make sure he was okay, I noticed one of the older kids who was about twelve or thirteen walking towards him. The older boy walked over, picked up the younger boy and even proceeded to brush the dirt off of him. What probably seemed like such a minor  act to the two kids really stuck with me. It hit me hard because the older little boy happened to be an African American child who was wearing clothes that were a little too big to fit his body and a hat. Most people would look at him and assume they know so much about him just based on appearance, but that small act of kindness showed that you can’t just stereotype everyone based on how they look.

This story led to a discussion on affirmative action, immigration rights and so much more. The discussion was filled with questions and interesting facts and I feel like it was a bonding experience between the five summer fellows along with Gretchen and Jeff. We challenged each other in a respectable manner and I left Sherfy on Friday wanting to learn more about the parts of the conversation that I wasn’t quite able to contribute to. It was definitely a learning experience that I hope happens again.
Alyra Parker ’18