Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba

Interesting week here at The Burg. Project preparation is in full swing and other projects are in progress. Just this last week I have begun my building projects for the PTF. On Friday I started and finished a small storage space using salvaged shipping crates and recycled metal brackets. I have attached a picture and I am very happy to say the least with how it turned out. I am very excited to begin work on my new compost pile storage unit on Monday and Tuesday next week.

This work for the PTF has been very fulfilling for me because 1) I enjoy building things, 2) it makes me happy knowing that others appreciate my work and effort, and 3) what I build is going to have some value and use to the farm for a few years rather than being a one and done kind of project. This last week has really allowed me to fully appreciate the work I have been doing for the CPS overall.

This week has also been an eye-opening kind of week for me, personally. I have just now realized that the children, families, and people I am involved with don’t need you to do much for them to appreciate and enjoy your time/company. I always held these ideas that I had to be the best, or be the most interesting, or be the most organized… no. That isn’t the case for this kind of work most of the time. Most of these people just appreciate the little things that you do for them. Whether it be an ear for them just to talk to you at the senior center, or you kicking a soccer ball around at the PTF, or playing a game with a kid who is by himself at Circles. Every small thing holds its weight and value, and it is very fulfilling to me. This work makes my time here this summer so enjoyable and appreciated.

Now for the title of the week.

I have attached a picture of a caterpillar. The first thing I thought of was the Lion King song ‘The Circle of Life.’ Why? Because the caterpillar is going to become a butterfly soon [hopefully] and then it will help pollinate flowers (or eat our kale) and help the circle of life. Plus he was a super cute little guy!


Cameron Stewart ’18