Technically half way there

Wow wow wow. Week 4 is already here, the internship is half over. This time has been literally flying by so quickly. Half way done, but it’s only the beginning. This week I had two of my seven workshops. It was pretty nerve racking knowing that you’re creating a program, and hoping everything will turn out according to plan. Of course there’s always some give and not everything goes according to plan. I am coming to learn and accept this fact. For instance, one of the groups I’m working with knows little English, and I know little Nepali. So with my language classes and a cam volunteer, I’m sure it will be great. Therefore, I am confident, despite also being nervous, that everything will turn out fine. For I know that I’ve been guided, given feedback, and well prepared for this task at hand. It’s only up from here, and if there are issues along the way I’ve all been prepared for those as well.

It’s exciting to see something finally coming together. After weeks of aiding in workshops, I and Emiline are running our own independent workshops. At the end of our internship, we are having an exhibition of all our workshops, and it’s been interesting brainstorming ways to exhibit it at the end. A lot of this week will be prepping for my workshops that are happening later this week, and creating exhibition pieces. One piece I’m creating is a giant fish out of the scales I had students design at my first workshop. The idea is for it to be basically a river monster, like the fishes in the TV show of the same name. Also, the photo is from a cam workshop that we assist with on Fridays.

On a personal note, I’ve realized and had to admit that I am completely useless when it comes to a sense of direction. Yesterday, I got sort of lost like 5 times when I was by myself. It’s pretty hilarious how I got lost and turned around with a map in my hands and screenshots of google map on my phone. When I eventually make it to my destination, I’m always so happy and excited that I didn’t get too lost. So things are going well for myself in Nepal, and I’m ready for whatever comes next.

May S. Chou ’19