Going Strong

Past the half way point of this entire experience, and still going strong. This was the second week of running our own workshops. It is different than last week; a lot more independence. I had to contact my volunteers that would be assisting me in my workshops, and let them know what time to come into CAM and explain my project. This week I ran 3 of my workshops, wrote up 2 of my reports, and assisted with one of Emiline’s and one of CAM’s workshops. This was a pretty busy week, and I see crunch time closing in. Next week, I have one workshop to run, so only two left overall. It is time to really start assembling my exhibition pieces, for the exhibition is in 10-ish days. My big fish frame is barely started, my canvas is unpainted, and I may be getting a bit anxious.

Having just spent my first July 4th ever outside of the states, it is making me slightly miss home. I’m not home sick, haven’t been and doubt I will experience in the next 3 weeks, but there are little things I can’t wait to have when I get back. Beside that I am happy that most of my workshops have been turning out very well, so I just need to get these exhibition pieces on their way. Ultimately, this week and next are crunch time! Time to display the works our students have created with us, and showing the body of proof from our time as interns at the Children’s Art Museum of Nepal. So the next post will be full of panic and rushing to finish, while also going to my first traditional Hindu wedding. Shall keep you posted…

May Chou ’19
Kathmandu, Nepal