Life from Bed…

I would say it is difficult for me to reflect on my most recent week since I spent most of it in bed due to illness. I did however manage to get out for few hours on Thursday to help with the ESL class, and Friday to work the farm. I don’t really have a lot to discuss but I thought I’d share something I wrote for my Health Sciences reflection post on moodle. It asked the following, ‘Discuss an accomplishment you are pleased/proud of at your internship.  Also, what knowledge and skills have you gained thus far in your internship and how do you plan to apply them in the future?’ My response to this was;

I am proud of two different accomplishments. The first is a new compost storage unit I built for the Painted Turtle Farm (PTF). This was constructed using salvaged and recycled materials and timber. I am proud of this project because the work I do for the PTF has been very fulfilling; reasons are: 1) I enjoy building things, 2) it makes me happy knowing that others appreciate my work and effort, and 3) what I build is going to have some value and use to the farm for a few years rather than being a one and done kind of project. This last week has really allowed me to fully appreciate the work I have been doing for the CPS overall. For this project I cleared out a lot of weed piles and dug “up about 2000lbs” of dirt, weed, sand, and rock. It was a very labor intensive project but I know the families who use the farm to grow fresh produce for themselves appreciated my work and it allows the farm to look nicer, and more attractive. The second accomplishment is my Meals and More Summer Camp curriculum. It is a project I have been working on all of June and it is now ready to be implemented at the Summer Camp this July. The curriculum covers a variety of areas. Most of which are physical education, nutrition, the body, and healthy lifestyles related. I have incorporated very fun and engaging exercises/activities with a lesson aspect behind them so the children can begin to comprehend the importance of being healthy.

ESL classes have been a great help to me this summer because I have never really been a teacher in a classroom-like environment. Trying to communicate with someone whose second language is English has helped me develop really effective communication skills. These skills I can almost translate completely over to the children I will be involved with at the Summer Camp and at Circles because they [the skills] almost correlate perfectly. You need to explain things as basic as possible and as effective as possible so they [the ESL students] can understand… Works the same way for children [almost]. These skills have also helped me when talking to families that visit the PTF because for nearly all the parents (the children were born here so they all know English) do not speak English very well (if at all). I know for a fact they these effective communication skills will greatly help me out in the future. For instance, whether I am applying to a job, or working with a patient who speaks very weak English. I know I will have the confidence to engage them and find out the issue/problem because I have had great field experience with this internship.

Sorry no funny picture to go with the title. I was not out and about much this week.

Cameron Stewart