Cycle of Tragedy

These past two weeks have been filled with tragedies left and right. From the shooting of Alton Streling and Philando Castile to the shooting that took place in Dallas that killed officers on duty. It would be an understatement to say it’s been hard to focus on anything else. Thinking about the trauma, horror and the unimaginable pain that all of the families and friends of the victims must be going through has been heartbreaking. On Friday, part of our reflection included discussing the recent shootings. I was a bit surprised that some people hadn’t even heard of the shootings. It made me think of how vocal I had been both on social media and in person and made me reflect on my friends at home and at school. It made me wonder what their reactions were if there were any reactions at all.

On Friday I ran a current events workshop at Work Ready and part of the discussion was centered around the recent shootings along with some  news about the upcoming election. As expected, everyone was taken aback by the news and recent events. At the end I decided that collectively we should take a quiz to see if they knew their rights if they ever happened to be pulled over by a police officer. For some of the participants they already knew most of their basic rights, but for others it was an eye opening experience. Taking the quiz was one of my favorite parts of my week because I felt as though I helped them in some way, even if it was only the tiniest amount.

Alyra Parker ’18