There’s a murder in the kitchen…

Another week here in The Burg has passed. I am fully recovered from my illness, though working in the heat on Monday was a challenge but I did survive (or did I?). Busy week as I tried to pick up from where I left off last week. My Meals and More Summer Camp began on Monday and I was extremely excited to put into place the ideas and activities I have been working on for most of June. While there were only 4 kids on Monday, I found this to be very beneficial for me because it allowed me to engage the children much better than I would have with 10+ or 20+ kids. Also, with this being the first time I have ever taught in a classroom-like environment, having a small class size allowed me to get my feet under me as I worked on my teaching and communication skills.

Wednesday, I had 2 new kids join the pack and they were an absolute nightmare. It didn’t help that their behaviour rubbed off on the other 4 kids who were otherwise perfect prior to the new kids on the block arriving. The children did however engage in the activities I had planned for them; one being a fitness circuit, and the other a meditation exercise. From what I gathered the kids loved it and seemed to listen and learn. I just hope that they can take something away from this experience and apply it to their everyday lives. While I honestly believe they won’t at least I gave it a shot. I think me just being present there, and me just showing a face; a tall, young male who plays a college sport; the least I could do is be a positive male role model for them.

I have noticed the kids at the Circles child care on Wednesday nights have really taken a liking to having some of the bigger boys around to play with them. I think it is really important for me to do this every Wednesday because I believe that a lot of these cCompost binhildren may not have the best positive male role models in their lives, and seeing how they respond and engage with me every Wednesday really makes me appreciate the work I do for CPS this summer.

Also, I finished the second compost storage unit (see picture). I think the farm is starting
 to look even better now, and I am excited for the next project I will be tackling: a small wooden public library. Imagine a big birdhouse, but with books instead of birds.

Now for the title: someone murdered these beets and the culprit is still on the loose and needs to be caught at once! I don’t want more innocent beets dying on my watch in the kitchen (or the farm)!

Cameron Stewart ’18
Gettysburg, PA