There’s a book in my birdhouse

Meals and More Summer Camp is in full swing, my 4th and final building project for the PTF is drawing to completion, and we did a High Ropes course.

I have always enjoyed building things… It has been a passion of mine since I was playing with Lego as a 5 year old. I have always had access to the best materials and equipment when building things (for the most part). This project has challenged me a lot because of the lack of equipment… I am not complaining, I am just a perfectionist and wish all my building projects were perfect. Now this can be a bad thing because perfection is often an opinion, not a fact; but to me it is difficult to have perfection when you make a cut that is not exactly 90 degrees. I have had to result to using what I have access to and being a little inventive, and a little resourPhoto 2 (7)ceful. As you can see by the pictures attached I have a regular table but next to that on the back side is one of the water storage units resting on top of two planks of timber with other planks stacked up on top of it to mimic the height of the table. These are my horses which I use to make my cuts. I also had to make excess measurements and template my designs (which takes forever) in order to ensure the best quality cut. And although this project has taken its sweet time, it has come together nicely… not perfectly… but nicely. I am happy with the progress I have made and I am looking forward to completing it next week.

Meals and More has been one roller coaster ride. I have, at times, struggled to reach certain kids because of their behaviour, but have managed to get the rest of them on board. I have had to work with this challenge since day one and this has allowed me to develop communication skills I didn’t have prior to this experience. The kids do engage well at times, but lose focus when someone else does… It’s the domino effect of the classroom. I have learnt from this and have had to make significant changes to my curriculum to suit the needs of the children at the camp. Most of the changes have been the removal of many sit down type lessons, and changing them up to more fun and engaging ‘games.’ The children respond well when they are up and about, moving, and when there is a challenge or prize for the winner. My most recent activity was a trust game called minefield. One child was blindfolded and had to be navigated through a ‘minefield’ of obstacles by the other students. It combined elements of trust (that the other children would be the eyes for the blind), communication (that the children could accurately give directions to help navigate the blind), and teamwork/working together (that they could work together to help the blind survive the minefield). This activity was a hit and none of the assistants had seen this activity before and thought it was very clever. I was very happy with myself!

The High Ropes course was the most fun thing I have done here all summer (sorry not sorry).

The title is just refePhoto 1 (8)rring to my project because it is a small public library which is essentially a giant birdhouse… but for books.

Cameron Stewart