Monthly Archive: July, 2016


Once again, this past week’s Circles meeting found a way to move me. I am a notorious worrier. I worry about everything, even when there should be nothing to worry about, I find… Continue reading

Pushing Beyond the Slump

Work is work is work. There comes a point in one’s time abroad when everything becomes finally fairly familiar, and your day to day life settles into a routine. Wake up, go to… Continue reading

Going Back to (Summer) School

I spent this past week preparing for the upcoming Migrant Ed Summer School program. This meant lots of decorating (making the classroom ocean themed) and brainstorming potential lessons and subjects for the incoming… Continue reading

Going Strong

Past the half way point of this entire experience, and still going strong. This was the second week of running our own workshops. It is different than last week; a lot more independence.… Continue reading

It’s The Small Things That Count

The opportunity for a young woman to be trained in a marketable skill or craft, which she can then transform into a person trade or business, has a huge impact whether you are… Continue reading