Reign of Terror Over

This week saw the end of Meals and More Summer Camp. I was actually rather upset to see the kids I worked with all July for the last time. There was something that was pretty interesting that happened this week which was that on Monday I took the kids to the PTF on a field trip to talk about nutrition, food, gardening, and recycling. The theme this week was earth so I thought it’d be a nice opportunity to show the kids my world at school, while teaching them a few things too. What was so interesting was that the two kids who have been a terror to deal with (referenced in title) were amazing on Monday. As soon as I got there they were like “MR. CAM!!! HI!” As we walked to the farm they wanted to hold my hands and talk to me and play games like I Spy. This was the first time they had really responded to me in a positive way and actually participated which made the teaching experience so amazing that day. Then Wednesday rolled round. They were horrible again and didn’t even acknowledge me which was so surprising and rather upsetting because I thought I had eventually broken down those barriers and started connecting with them.

When it was time for me to leave and say goodbye, they were the only ones there and were genuinely upset to see me go. They both gave me a hug and said thank you before one of them goes “Will I see you again Mr Cam?” I almost cried. I didn’t know how to answer the question because I was unsure what my answer was.

I will add this; on Wednesday the kids at the camp put on a play that they had been working on a little bit each day for the month of July. Parents and friends came to see it and I noticed that I was the only male there (besides the kids) out of round 20 people. The only one! I guess if anything this camp has taught me how important positive male role models are to young children. Some of them may not have had one before and so if I couldn’t teach them what I wanted to teach, or I couldn’t get them to understand what I wanted them to then the least I could do was be a fun and positive influence on their day.

Finished the book house and all my PTF projects. The place is looking really good.

Cameron Stewart ’18
Gettysburg, PA