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We are a Hurricane

Not a single activity or weekend has gone to plan while we have been in Kenya. This has been one of the most frustrating ordeals while here. Relentlessly, we keep trying, refusing to… Continue reading

Pray for Mary

Wow, I can’t believe we only have a week left in Kenya! These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy for us, preparing our project proposals, going out in the field, and… Continue reading

So Close, Yet So Far Away

These past few weeks I have been spending most of my time developing my final project. Since I have been working primarily with the Youth Department, I decided that I wanted to base… Continue reading

It’s The Small Things That Count

The opportunity for a young woman to be trained in a marketable skill or craft, which she can then transform into a person trade or business, has a huge impact whether you are… Continue reading

Getting to know you

Four weeks in and I feel like I was finally able to get a taste of the many facets of the Youth Department this past week. I attended a dialogue session called Orange… Continue reading

A Different World

Last night I was sitting on the couch at my home stay, watching my host brother tame his math homework as I thought about my day. When my host dad got home it… Continue reading

Politics, Man

Over the past several weeks there have been demonstrations happening all across Kenya, protesting in the wake of the 2017 presidential election. I’m no expert at politics, let alone foreign policy, but I’m… Continue reading

Life Sure is a Riot

I have struggled so far this week to come up with something coherent to write about for the blog. There is so much I wish to share, but at the same time can’t… Continue reading

Crazy Week

Last week was most definitely eventful for all of us. There was a random riot that broke out on Tuesday evening, preventing us from going to work on Wednesday. I could hear the… Continue reading

Time is of the Essence

I made it through my first full week at KMET. This week, we shadowed different departments to get a feel for all of the programs. I quickly learned that just because something is written… Continue reading