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7 Weeks to 7 Days

Our time in Nepal is like really almost over. Literally there are only seven days left, and then I fly back to the states. In this last week, it was very interesting for… Continue reading

Shallow Waters

May and I spent this last week taking a break from work and visiting a little more of Nepal. The town we chose was Pokhara, a tourist town that was a short 25… Continue reading

When Time Isn’t Constant

Why is it that when you have the least time you always have the most to do? This week has been crazy. We’ve been having our final workshops, finishing up Nepali lessons, creating… Continue reading

Getting to This Point

Quick recap of this week has been more workshops and more working on the exhibition pieces. The exhibition has been postponed a week to July 23rd! My main focus of this week has been… Continue reading

Pushing Beyond the Slump

Work is work is work. There comes a point in one’s time abroad when everything becomes finally fairly familiar, and your day to day life settles into a routine. Wake up, go to… Continue reading

Going Strong

Past the half way point of this entire experience, and still going strong. This was the second week of running our own workshops. It is different than last week; a lot more independence.… Continue reading

Technically half way there

Wow wow wow. Week 4 is already here, the internship is half over. This time has been literally flying by so quickly. Half way done, but it’s only the beginning. This week I… Continue reading

When you’re both the teacher and the student

This week I have been simultaneously learning how to teach and teaching. Each morning I wake up and walk to my Nepali classes where I learn phrases that I use with the children… Continue reading

Halfway is a Lot Longer than You Think

Today I am nearly halfway done with my fellowship in Nepal, and it is only today that I have even come close to finishing my preparations. Two months might seem like an eternity… Continue reading

Prep Week

This week was prep week. Things are really starting to get rolling. We have our schedules for the remainder of our internship at CAM, found out which community partners we are working with,… Continue reading