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Nicaragua’s Natural Beauty

The landscape of Nicaragua offers things that aren’t possible anywhere else in the world. Last week I went “volcano-boarding” down the Cerro Negro, the only place where such a thing is allowed. Despite… Continue reading

Final Thoughts from Summer School

Migrant Education Summer School is now over and though I only went for a few days a week I found it to be a constantly changing, occasionally frustrating, but overall worthwhile experience. The… Continue reading

Home and Family Life

I have spent by far the most amount of time during my stay in León at home with my host family. In her own words, host mother describes her house as “humble,” but… Continue reading

Difficulties in Teaching

A large portion of my interactions in Nicaragua have had something to do with the educational system here. The school that I work at, called the Modesto Armijo, is a public school made… Continue reading

A Rocky Start

The start of my visit to Nicaragua was slightly more eventful than I anticipated. I met Carlos and Yessica, the directors of Project Gettysburg-Leon, and Leidy, the other Heston Fellow, at the airport… Continue reading