7 Weeks to 7 Days

Our time in Nepal is like really almost over. Literally there are only seven days left, and then I fly back to the states. In this last week, it was very interesting for… Continue reading

Shallow Waters

May and I spent this last week taking a break from work and visiting a little more of Nepal. The town we chose was Pokhara, a tourist town that was a short 25… Continue reading

Bully Pulpit on Bullying Pupils

On Friday there was an assembly with many of the Higher Ed student (those going into 6th – 10th grade). The students were split by gender and the boys had a visitor talk… Continue reading

We are a Hurricane

Not a single activity or weekend has gone to plan while we have been in Kenya. This has been one of the most frustrating ordeals while here. Relentlessly, we keep trying, refusing to… Continue reading

There’s a murder in the kitchen…

Another week here in The Burg has passed. I am fully recovered from my illness, though working in the heat on Monday was a challenge but I did survive (or did I?). Busy… Continue reading

Pray for Mary

Wow, I can’t believe we only have a week left in Kenya! These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy for us, preparing our project proposals, going out in the field, and… Continue reading

So Close, Yet So Far Away

These past few weeks I have been spending most of my time developing my final project. Since I have been working primarily with the Youth Department, I decided that I wanted to base… Continue reading

Cycle of Tragedy

These past two weeks have been filled with tragedies left and right. From the shooting of Alton Streling and Philando Castile to the shooting that took place in Dallas that killed officers on… Continue reading

Difficulties in Teaching

A large portion of my interactions in Nicaragua have had something to do with the educational system here. The school that I work at, called the Modesto Armijo, is a public school made… Continue reading

When Time Isn’t Constant

Why is it that when you have the least time you always have the most to do? This week has been crazy. We’ve been having our final workshops, finishing up Nepali lessons, creating… Continue reading