Crazy Week

Last week was most definitely eventful for all of us. There was a random riot that broke out on Tuesday evening, preventing us from going to work on Wednesday. I could hear the… Continue reading

Green Therapy

I hate waking up in the morning. There is nothing more dreadful than the piercing light of the rising sun – except for, of course, the sound of the birds chirping, dragging me out of bed.… Continue reading

A Rocky Start

The start of my visit to Nicaragua was slightly more eventful than I anticipated. I met Carlos and Yessica, the directors of Project Gettysburg-Leon, and Leidy, the other Heston Fellow, at the airport… Continue reading

Halfway is a Lot Longer than You Think

Today I am nearly halfway done with my fellowship in Nepal, and it is only today that I have even come close to finishing my preparations. Two months might seem like an eternity… Continue reading

Prep Week

This week was prep week. Things are really starting to get rolling. We have our schedules for the remainder of our internship at CAM, found out which community partners we are working with,… Continue reading

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

Another pretty interesting and engaging week here in The Burg. Before I start I just want to let you all know that I will be taking a different approach to my blog writing.… Continue reading

The Farmers’ Market’s Unseen Impact

The Adams County Farmers’ Market appears to be an inconspicuous and unimposing event. A passerby would likely only notice local farmers selling some fresh produce and those with a well trained eye might… Continue reading

What No One Tells You

When I arrived back at Gettysburg, I had no idea the emotional toll this experience would have on my life. In just the first few days on this fellowship I got to see… Continue reading

The Forgotten

Before I came back to Gettysburg for the summer, I had expected to work with the immigrant and migrant community in town. Now that our first has come to an end, I’ve come… Continue reading

The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.

We’re in the full swing of things now, going to schools and orphanages with bags full of markers and papers and minds full of excitement. On the first couple of days it was… Continue reading