Metacognition (n.); awareness and understanding one’s thinking and cognitive processes* When I learned this fantastic buzzword from my 5th grade teacher (shoutout to you, Mr. B) he described it as “thinking about thinking.”… Continue reading

The Way Things Go

Week two in Nepal. Let see what happened this time around: I learned that Nepal time is a bit more relaxed, and that things will happen as it will. Everything and everyone is always… Continue reading

Chernobyl, where art thou?

Cameron Stewart ’18 Gettysburg First question. Why the title? Well on the first two days of our internship we had our orientation and BAM! We get right into immersing ourselves into the community… Continue reading

When Life Gives You Rusted Apples, Make Apple Juice

Nathan Kumar ’17 Gettysburg “You better finish your food because there are starving kids in Africa”. Most people have probably heard a friend or family member say this as justification to not waste… Continue reading

Time is of the Essence

I made it through my first full week at KMET. This week, we shadowed different departments to get a feel for all of the programs. I quickly learned that just because something is written… Continue reading

Stolen Innocence

This past week has been extremely eventful for me. I experienced going out into the field with the mobile health clinic, I taught a first aid class with Cassie to the vocational girls,… Continue reading

Cassie’s Babies

During my time here in Kisumu, I have the honour of staying with a truly wonderful host family. My family has two small children, both under the age of five. It’s great because… Continue reading

Kathmandu and CAM: the first week

I’m sitting here, on a computer in the dark, listening to the sounds of the city, feeling more grateful to a standard wall fan than I have felt towards any object in my… Continue reading

First Impressions

Nine hours and 45 mins ahead of EST. A place with a time zone of its very own, here I am in Kathmandu, Nepal for the next two months. Following a week of… Continue reading

Well, you are welcome in Kenya!

I’ve been in Kisumu for five days now but it already feels like so much longer than that. I survived my first piki piki (motorbike) ride, fell in love with chapati and have… Continue reading